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ktsuss – Graphical su

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Portage needs (in most cases) root-access to install packages. That’s why Portato needs them too ;).  But Portato is a GUI, thus it can be expected, that it is not launched via commandline – so the user normally does not su manually. So we need a graphical application, which deals with this part. Portato supported kdesu and gksu. Unfortunately both have quite a bunch of dependencies — which made some users worry.

But yesterday while having a look at wicd, that has the same kind of problem, I noticed a third application: ktsuss. The only dependencies here: glib and gtk. Yeah! – Looks like a good choice. It is not as shiny as the other two … but hell, it’s only task is to take your root pwd ..

As of revision 383, this is now also supported by Portato. (Of course – as always – this was not as easy as thought, as ktsuss parses the commandline differently. But well – shit happens).

And while taking this “feature” of wicd, I also switched to determining the correct app at runtime (as wicd does too). This is one step towards the goal of getting rid of the ‘sed’-stuff in the ebuild … :)


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March 19, 2009 at 23:04

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