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Portato’s homepage moved to own server

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Up until now, the web home for Portato was at — but although the Origo-platform was promising during the start (and has been a nice alternative to Sourceforge), several problems appeared (I won’t repeat them here, as I already wrote about them in this post).

I started to look for a new home, but could not find a pre-hosted solution. Thus (and as I happened to have rented a virtual server) I decided to host it on my own. So I was able to use the software I liked etc. Well … finding the ‘right’ software was not as easy as I thought ^^… I am now settled with running as the web framework and Mako. But, as I’m only serving more or less static sites, getting rid of and using some tool to generate static pages from the mako templates is also a nice idea… Perhaps I’ll do something in this direction later (if I find a nice tool doing all the work :P).

Oh – btw: The new home for portato is: – bugs are going to be hosted on launchpad (this is no final decision either) … and I decided, that there is no need for a wiki.


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April 9, 2010 at 00:50

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Probably move back to

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Quite some time ago, I moved the main Portato hosting from Sourceforge to Origo. The reason was mainly, that I wanted some nice wiki-stuff w/o having to deal myself with hosting and configuring it. Also is … well … not really fast :).

But Origo has many other disadvantages, which I ignored so far:

  • Does not support bzr — and does not allow to make the “Development” link point to somewhere useful.
  • Uploading system sucks hard. Adds a random integer to each download URL, which makes it necessary to change the ebuild for each release.
  • Flat namespace for attachments… Yes! … No comment -.-
  • Bug tracker is ok for — but has real issues with attachments -.- … And it being built as somehow part of the wiki is not a good idea either.
  • No possibility to put extra files somewhere (docs, …).

Additionally I noted, that now has some real nice features with its “Hosted Apps” — so it is possible for example to add a trac-instance — just with one click :D. So I’m now considering to move back to I just do not know yet, whether I try to use trac and it’s bug tracker — or if I’m going to use the one in Launchpad. And where to host the bzr-branches? Also on — or leaving them on LP?

Comments are welcome :)

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September 17, 2009 at 19:18

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