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My own online feed reader

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I use different computers to read my RSS feeds (at least one PC and two laptops …) – sometimes I want to read them also if I’m surfing with someone other’s computer. Thus a desktop reader like akregator or liferea, or a browser plugin is definitely not what I need. Additionally, I have different feeds (e.g. Spiegel Online) which only put 20 entries in their feed, but produce about 100 entries per day. Hence, if you use a desktop reader which is not connected 24 hours a day (none of my computers is), you’ll definitely miss entries.

Result: Something web based, running all day long and being accessible from everywhere. There are lots of sites offering this service: Bloglines and Google Reader being the best known ones – or Alesti, which I used to use. But Alesti often had technical issues and lacked several features (“searching” being the most important one). And I was not able to find a good replacement (I try to not use Google services at all). So for quite some time now, I looked for something, which I can put on my own webspace.

And finally — someone pointed me to Tiny Tiny RSS. Et voilĂ : I managed to install and configure it – and it runs :). I had several issues to make it update the feeds though: This is managed by a cron job, but – as I own a small old-school webspace only – I can’t start my own services or mess around with cron directly, but have to rely on what Confixx offers. But well … it works now, and I am happy.

So … the title of this post could have also been: Goodbye Alesti

Hope I can stick with my current solution :).


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May 14, 2009 at 23:32

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