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Firefox Directory in RAM

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So I’ve read Nikos’ post about putting the mozilla stuff into RAM to speed up Firefox. But the script he posted is not really suited for Gentoo. So I thought to use it and pour it into a Gentoo-Init-Script. Using it results in quite a good speed-up – especially as FF used to block when another process makes heavy use of the HDD.

You can find the script and its config file in a git repository at github. Just branch (or download directly) and put the files in the correct directories.

Note: Works only with OpenRC and not with the old baselayout-1.

Note: If you computer does not shutdown properly, all changes you made during your browsing session are lost.

Note: Only use this script, if you have sufficient free RAM, as firefox profiles can be quite large (>100MB). One point to reduce the size is to delete the urlclassifier3.sqlite (which can be about 50MB) and is only used for the phishing protection (i.e. ask google for each site you are visiting :/). See for example this post about the details (or use $SEARCH_ENGINE).

A further idea would be to have an inotify-task, which looks for the lock file in the firefox dir. If it is removed (i.e. firefox is closed), it could to a sync.

/edit[2011-03-04]: Moved from bzr to git.


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May 8, 2009 at 10:21

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