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Bzr vs Git

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I had to deal with git yesterday, as I worked on ktsuss. And as always: I couldn’t make it to do what I wanted it to do ;). Thus I head to read the docs … and believe it or not: I’ve been always a contra-Git-guy, but when you get rid of the “it must be similar to all the other SCMs”-thought, git’s concepts begin to make sense. So I spent even more time with reading docs and playing around. And currently it seems, like I am going to replace bzr by git sometime in the future.


  • way faster
  • branches inside the one repository file — no more ‘gnah — the branch is still on my laptop’
  • allows to finally get the currently split svn history back in (though using ugly hacks … but hey — git is all about ugliness :P)
  • git is better supported by most tools — bzr plays only a small role (unfortunately)

I just need to find another bugtracker then, as I planned to use the launchpad one, which does not make sense anymore.

A last remark: I still think, that bzr is a GREAT scm :).


Written by Necoro

October 5, 2009 at 17:53

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