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Portato 0.14 released

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“Was lange währt, wird gut” is the German saying (the dictionary tells me “Good things come to those who wait.” is the English translation) — hopefully this applies for this version of Portato too.

The changes:

  • NEW: allow eix as backend DB
  • NEW: show the list of world packages
  • NEW: allow to search descriptions
  • NEW: add an icon to signal the ‘best’ version for a package
  • CHANGE: use an internal messagequeue module instead of external shm
  • FIX: bugmail sending
  • I18N: Italian translation – thanks to Ponsi
  • I18N: French translation – thanks to Clément ‘moonpyk’ Bourgeois

Personally, I find the addition of the eix-backend the most important improvement. This now allows fast startup and fast searching. Additionally the long awaitened feature of searching descriptions is only possible here (implementing it with other backends would make the startup sloooooooow).

So – let’s hope that the bugs are on vacation. :) — And a big thanks to idl0r for adding it to the portage tree in no time.


Written by Necoro

May 12, 2010 at 00:41

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