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Quite some time ago, I moved the main Portato hosting from Sourceforge to Origo. The reason was mainly, that I wanted some nice wiki-stuff w/o having to deal myself with hosting and configuring it. Also is … well … not really fast :).

But Origo has many other disadvantages, which I ignored so far:

  • Does not support bzr — and does not allow to make the “Development” link point to somewhere useful.
  • Uploading system sucks hard. Adds a random integer to each download URL, which makes it necessary to change the ebuild for each release.
  • Flat namespace for attachments… Yes! … No comment -.-
  • Bug tracker is ok for — but has real issues with attachments -.- … And it being built as somehow part of the wiki is not a good idea either.
  • No possibility to put extra files somewhere (docs, …).

Additionally I noted, that now has some real nice features with its “Hosted Apps” — so it is possible for example to add a trac-instance — just with one click :D. So I’m now considering to move back to I just do not know yet, whether I try to use trac and it’s bug tracker — or if I’m going to use the one in Launchpad. And where to host the bzr-branches? Also on — or leaving them on LP?

Comments are welcome :)


Written by Necoro

September 17, 2009 at 19:18

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  1. […] leave a comment » Up until now, the web home for Portato was at — but although the Origo-platform was promising during the start (and has been a nice alternative to Sourceforge), several problems appeared (I won’t repeat them here, as I already wrote about them in this post). […]

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