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Portato 0.13 ahead

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(Long time no post :P)

Well – Portato 0.13 is lurking at the horizon. After half a year it is well about time for a new release. Unfortunately this one does not bring lots of new features (except some enhancements in the plugin system), but more or less only bugfixes.

I have currently three branches where I work on to implement new features (supporting use dependencies, supporting the eix database, reducing the memory footprint) – but all of them are quite complex (especially the first one), and I do not know when they are going to hit trunk …

Anyway: It would be great, if you could test the current beta (it’s in the overlay) – and perhaps send the one or other bugreport.

Oh – and I’d like to thank all the translators — and encourage everyone to translate into their favored language too :). (Currently we have: Turkish, Catalan, Spanish, Portugese, German, Polish). So – if you are interested, have a look at the Translating Guide.


Written by Necoro

August 12, 2009 at 13:17

Posted in Gentoo, Portato

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